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Find out which service is right for you to thrive in business or in your personal life

Providing a diverse range of services

From our successful set of masterclasses providing in-depth insights to individual coaching sessions, transformation programs, and innovation strategy, Connect is here to help you succeed.


We offer a range of consultancy services aimed at supporting you on your journey to greater success.

Online individual coaching & mentoring sessions

Digital and business transformation program

Growth & profits through Innovation

Achieving cultural change through an Innovation Competition

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Discover how our partners contribute to our expertise, or reach out to join the network.

    • Athlon create world-class products and brands that improve modern living and help companies grow.

      Services provided

      • Together we will create and design impactful strategies for change
      • We will work with your leaders to shape and develop POC’s and MVP’s
      • We will help you launch your first Innovation Competition
    • Level 4 qualified personal trainer and certified nutrition coach with over 30 years experience

      Services provided

      • Tailoring your fitness and wellbeing goals
      • Motivational and Mental Toughness Training
      • Providing nutritional and wellbeing guidance

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    Frequently asked questions


    What topics are covered in your coaching and mentoring sessions for women?

    Our coaching and mentoring sessions cover a wide range of topics, including personal development, career growth, work-life balance, and empowerment. We tailor our sessions to meet the individual needs and goals of each woman we work with.


    What qualifications do you have in coaching & mentoring?

    I hold a level 1 ICF Approved Certified Coach Professional Qualification using ICF guidelines; Completed an 18 month Advanced Leadership Management Programme Course at the IMI and specialised in Female Global Leadership as part of my International Exec MBA programme. These credentials coupled with over 20 years of international experience building high performing teams, mentoring graduates and working professionals has enabled me to provide effective guidance tailored to your unique needs. To see my additional qualifications please have a look at my LinkedIn profile: profile


    What subjects are covered in your women's masterclasses?

    Our masterclasses cover various subjects such as leadership skills, self-confidence, communicating with impact, entrepreneurship, agile mindset. Check our Events Page for upcoming masterclasses and detailed information on each.


    What areas of business do you provide consulting services for?

    We offer business consulting services across a broad spectrum, including Business and transformation programme implementation, shaping, developing and implementing an Innovation strategy to leverage new technology and achieving growth and profitability through a company wide Innovation competition. All our services have 1 common theme, our goal is to help your business and colleagues thrive in today’s dynamic environment.


    How can my company benefit from your Consulting Services?

    We tailor our consulting services to address your specific needs, challenges and budget. We work collaboratively in cross functional teams and guarantee successful delivery of our services. We are focussed on delivering results in an impactful and positive manner in your company. Please reach out to us via: to discuss your requirements and we will work together to develop a customised plan to meet your goals and objectives.


    How do you ensure privacy and confidentiality?

    We take the privacy and confidentiality of all our clients seriously. All interactions, discussions, and personal information shared during coaching sessions and consulting engagements are kept strictly confidential. My partners and I adhere to a strict code of conduct, abide by GDPR and adhere to the ICF code of Ethics.

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